Export Operations Outline  
Chapter 1 - Components of the Pro Forma invoice - quoting the sale  
  Considerations to "cover" INCOTERMS of sale selected  
Chapter 2 - The Commercial Invoice -  the contract of sale    
  Purpose of commercial invoice    
  Relationship to Pro Forma    
  Classification & Valuation    
  Basis for licensing and export declaration    
Chapter 3 - Shipping the goods     
  The Bill of Lading - The contract of carriage    
  Negating the risk to the merchandise when shipping the goods  
  Transportation & Packing tips    
Chapter 4 - Getting paid    
  Payment terms - CIA, Open Account    
  Bill of Exchange - means to move the payment from the buyer to the seller  
  Documentary Credit - negates the risk to the funds    
  Compliance with letters of credit - including effect on other documents  
  UCP 600    
Chapter 5 - Documents commonly used in export documentation     
  Ancillary to shipping the goods - Packing list, Dock Receipt,   
  Air waybill, inland B/L, insurance certificate, B/L    
  Ancillary to getting paid - bank letter of transmittal,     
  bill of exchange, commercial invoice    
  Ancillary to exporting the goods - SED, license application, in bond  
  Ancillary to forwarder's work - Destination docs, doc distribution, C/O  
Chapter 6 - Process summary    
  Showing the interrelationship between the various functions of export operations.    
  From the perspective of the seller, seller's forwarder, buyer and buyer's CB  
  Internal formats to monitor the progress of the transaction  
Chapter 7 - The Transaction Maker    
  Instructions for using    
    Practice scenarios    
    Create Documents    
    Extensive reference library    
  Freight Forwarder Exam Questions    
  Pro Forma Maker