Excerpts of H.C. Bennett Company Business Philosophy


A wise man knows everything, a shrewd one, everybody



"Not my job award" winner - this is not our philosophy

We don't cut corners and are happy to accommodate our customers.  We aspire to giving the best service we're capable


No Middleman Logistics -

We believe the forwarder has a fiduciary responsibility to the shipper. As such, the interest is to find the best value for the shipper, not be driven by the highest profit for the forwarder


Mock Customs Audits -

Our approach to Customs compliance is not through vague "consulting." We want to provide practical value from an operations perspective


Export - Foreign Principal Party of Interest Agents

We don't only push papers around. Our folks label, inspect, and handle the cargo. They have designed the automated process from an operations, not IT perspective.


Supply Chain Charger

The goals of C-TPAT aren't complicated.  They are the by-product of a more efficient and organized international supply operation.  Make the certification more than something that hangs in the building entrance. 


Training & Ops Manual

"An informed consumer is our best customer." We don't want to keep customers in the dark about what we do. There isn't a mystique about our role.


Shared Customs Brokerage

Why pay more for Customs broker services than necessary?  Most CB fees are "one size fits all." If only the clerical/expediting functions are needed, the fee should reflect that.


Import Tune-Up

Tired of sitting through less than stimulating proposals? We "do" what we recommend and provide the means to get more value from your service providers

Training ...Individualized for International Trade Ops

Operation Tools  ... for Import/Export Ops

Trade Manager... IOR/ Export Management