Training Credit Program       

Users of HCB services earn credits toward HCB courses 

HCB Services 
Session Credits Earned Courses / Webinars to apply session credits

Wednesday Webinars Sessions
Import Documentation  2
Export Documentation 2
Intl Methods of Payment 2
International Logistics Options 2

Individualized Training Courses Sessions
Customs Law  11
Customs Broker License Prep  6  
Customs Broker Office Management  4  
Import Office Management  4

Supply Chain Charger


Export Shipment 1 session credit per export shipment
Pre-Clearance / Import Consultation 1/2 session credit per hour
Pro-Forma Invoice Maker 2 credits per pro forma invoice
PO Wizard purchase 5 session credits
FPPI  consolidation 3 credits per consolidation
Import Wizard purchase 3 session credits
All other HCB services 1/2 session credit per hour or as arranged on case by case basis

Training ...Individualized for International Trade Ops

Operation Tools  ... for Import/Export Ops

Trade Manager... IOR/ Export Management