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Training ...Individualized for International Trade Ops Operation Tools  ...  for Import/Export Ops Trade Manager... IOR/ Export Management
Two O'clock Tuesday Demos - Free of Charge
Import Wizard Group Demo  12/4 - 2:00 PM
PO Wizard Group Demo 12/11 - 2:00 PM
Pro Forma Maker Group Demo  12/18 - 2:00 PM
Customized International Manual 1/8/19 - 2:00 PM
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Import Documentation Intl Methods of Payment
Export Documentation International Logistics Options
Individualized Training Courses Sessions Start Date
Customs Law  11 10/31/19
Customs Broker License Prep  6 2/26/19
Customs Broker Office Management  4 2/5/19
Import Office Management  4 1/22/19

Supply Chain Charger

5 9/24/19

Purchase Order Wizard

Complete PO Management - by line item / cargo receipt. Includes all freight forwarder shipping and documentation functions. Comparable to commercially sold freight forwarder software.

Importer of Record Management Assistance

Pro-action import planning. What your Customs broker needs to do a top notch job

Customized Intl Operations Manual

Compliance / Procedural manual template for Customs Brokers, Freight Forwarders, Exporters, Importers.  Over 200 MB of reference material.

Export Operation Steps

Freight forwarding services.  Pro Forma - PO Wizard - HCB Cloud support.

 Pro Forma Invoice Maker

For Exporters to systematically obtain cost component quotes relevant to Incoterms© of sale.  Creates comprehensive and professionally designed Pro Forma Invoice.

Foreign Principal Party of Interest Agent Services

Operation benefits of FCA / EXW purchases to both US seller and foreign buyer.  Buyer's control of the supply chain.

Import Wizard

Importer of Record Management tool.  Links PO to Customs entry data.  Used by Importer for Customs broker interface and government regulatory compliance.

Automated Commercial Environment

Import / Export government reports.  Communications with Customs and Border Protection

Export Ops Steps Presentation Calendar

On-Line Collaboration

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