Warehouse Receiving, Storage, & Loading

  •  Cargo  inspection for inventory count or quality
  •  Small package consolidation to skid
  •  Labeling of packages to your specifications
  •   PO Wizard TM - query PO status to line item, a great inventory management and shipping tool customized to your requirements - Example inquiry: What is the status of PO 7210-5877 line item 4?  The exact up to date location (supplier, consolidation warehouse, ocean / air shipment) is provided

Export Documentation

  •  Production of required documents for destination country - Bill of lading, certificate of origin, insurance declaration, forwarder's certificate of receipt, banking transmittal, commodity specific documents, chamber & consular legalization as required
  •  US export regulations - licenses, AES declaration
  •  If you're buying from multiple suppliers, we consolidate all on one commercial invoice & packing list using  PO WizardTM
Training ...Individualized for International Trade Ops

Operation Tools  ... for Import/Export Ops

Trade Manager... IOR/ Export Management