H.C. Bennett System
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Register as Pro Forma User on HCB Cloud
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Input prospective pro forma sale information

Review questionnaire - Pro Forma detail options

HCB schedules a one-on-one with the Pro Forma User to go over the questionnaire and discuss shipping / documentation needed for the proposed shipment

Based on Pro Forma information input and Live Meeting questionnaire discussion, HCB then evaluates which cost components are eligible for Shipment Postings that Service Providers can bid upon

Service Providers bid on Quote Requests.  See posting example and watch demo of how a service provider makes a bid on the HCB Cloud
Registration of service providers (truckers, ocean carriers, NVOCCs, air consolidators, warehousemen, draymen, consular services, banks, marine insurers, destination agents, shipper associations) is FREE to qualified companies. 
Demo explaining registration click HERE

HCB evaluates the bids from the service providers, selecting the most optimal value.  The selections are recommendations to include on the Pro Forma Invoice
All replies are retained in the event a back-up vendor may be required, or the service / pricing of the recommendation is requested to be changed by the seller.

Pro Forma DRAFT - for evaluation by the seller prior to publication.  After approved, presented to prospective buyer
Ability to alter Incoterms© under "what if changed" scenario -  how will that effect the bottom line offering? Example in demo shows effect of changing from DDP to FOB terms

Buyer places Purchase Order
Copy of PO and, if applicable, Letter or Credit to HCB

PO Input Video
HCB Input of PO into Purchase Order Wizard

Cargo receiving for international movement
Order shipped to US consolidation point / carrier's receiving terminal (air or ocean).  Load Scheduler video illustrates steps to coordinate the cargo loading and delivery via ocean container

Load Scheduler Video

WR Assigned to Shipment

EEI Declaration


Carrier Docs
Shipment Builder steps.  HCB books cargo with international carrier.  Common Documents HCB's system creates shown on right.
Document Examples - Master, DR, EEI, CI, COO, PL, FCR etc.

PO Viewer Demo
Shippers and Consginees can view the progress of each PO line item's movement along the supply chain using the PO Viewer n the HCB Cloud

Letter of Transmittal and Billing




IOM Demo
Support, Queries, Reports - available with the PO Wizard, Reference Material via HCB Cloud's International Operations Manual (IOM)
Training ...Individualized for International Trade Ops

Operation Tools  ... for Import/Export Ops

Trade Manager... IOR/ Export Management