Foreign Principal Agent Services  (FPA Services)

                            The experienced FPA Services staff of Logistics Plus has created and manages the PO Wizard,
                            a complete purchase order management program.  This is the cornerstone in providing the means
                            to manage the shipment of thousands of purchase orders purchased on a routed transaction basis.
                            The FPA Services Department is staffed through Logistics+ acquisition of H.C. Bennett Company.
                            Details of services brought to Logistics+ can be viewed at the FPA Services website - click HERE
  Solution for international buyers purchasing on EXW or FCA basis          
  Superior buyer control of the supply chain
  Purchase order shipping status to line item level
  • Significant freight savings through shipment consolidation
  • Document review before final print
  • Negotiate better terms with seller who doesn't have to provide international shipping
  • Ensure supplier compliance with PO terms
  • CargoWise One® inventory technology creates bar code labels read at destination
  • Flexibility in changing shipping modes
  • Cargo inspection for testing, compliance, and specification purposes before shipped foreign
  • White glove shipment attention - FPA Services work in behalf of the buyer at the shipment origin
Logistics+ FPA Services Video - Part I
Logistics+ FPA Services Video - Part II