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Purpose of Forms Explained
Important Fields of each document
Process from seller pro forma to Customs liquidation
 Types of Customs Entries

Supporting Documents for Import Clearance

Key Customs Transaction Documents
Consumption Entry CBP 301 - Customs Bond CBP 3461 - Entry
Informal Entry Delivery Order - Inland Bill of Lading CBP 7501 - Entry Summary
Warehouse Entry Supporting documentation for specific products
Foreign Trade Zone Entry CBP 19 - Protest
Temporary Importation Bond Entry CBP 28 - 29 - Request for Info & Notice of Action
Quota Entry Other Government Agency interface
In Bond Entry CBP 214 - FTZ Entry Application
CBP 4455 - Certificate of Registration
CBP 3311 - American Goods Returned
CBP 3299 - Personal Effects Declaration

CBP 3461 (I)

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