PO Wizard Collaborating functions of the export transaction

There are many purchase order management programs available to purchase in the marketplace. The cost to buy this software can be very pricey when “bought off the shelf.The objective is to integrate the key functions of purchase order input by line item (product), warehouse receiving of orders shipped from the supplier to the international shipping location (creation of warehouse receipts), and selecting the warehouse receipts to build the outgoing international shipment.


In turn, usual supplemental activities such as producing all common international trade forms (certificate of origin, commercial invoice, packing list, dock receipt, shipping labels, master bill of lading, delivery order, load plan, etc.) are created when the outgoing international shipment is built.


Queries and reports can be derived to assist management. For instance, create a report that shows the line items of a purchase order received and provide the details of how each part was shipped internationally. Or, create a report of all supplier products shipped within a specific time frame – and bring up how each is classified for export declaration purposes. Associate a picture and product specifications with each part number. Provide that information to the foreign buyer’s Customs broker for their destination entry purposes. Also, transfer any data of updated PO line item activity to an on-line platform which parties can consult to the transaction.

When your shipment is handled by H.C. Bennett Company (HCB), you have access to the PO Wizard. That's a real value-added service. There is no need to purchase expensive PO Management software when working with HCB.

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