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Wato Want to sell FCA or EXW Incoterms, but your customer is requesting different terms?
Consider using a Collaborated Routed Transaction Agent. The perfect arrangement for the seller to offer, while accommodating the buyer's purchase terms.

Typically, the seller relies on their freight forwarder to provide the supply chain costs to quote Incoterms other than EXW. The forwarder doesn't usually get involved again until the order is ready to be shipped.

ForwarderPlus services go beyond the forwarder's traditional role. That includes collaboration with the seller and prospective buyer at the earliest transaction negotiation stages. Our white paper explains an arrangement where one Incoterm® best suits the seller, while the buyer's requested delivery terms can be accommodated.

By downloading our free white paper using the button below, find out what the Perfect Incoterm® of Sale is. Learn how the collaborative forwarder arrangement also best serves the buyer's interests.
H.C. Bennett Company