Customs Brokerage License Preparation

Syllabus and Course Requirements


Prepare for the Custom Broker License Examination at your pace

Course procedure  


  • Take Free Preparatory Syllabus.
  • Registration and payment. Course Cost:  $249.00.
  • Elect Start Date (part of registration).  With this course, there is no set start time. You’re in control, no assigned meeting dates.
  • Your subscription to the International Ops Manual on HCB Cloud is activated on your selected start date.  This provides an extensive library of study support materials.
  • There are 6 segments to the course.  Specific homework is provided when you’re ready to take each segment.  The homework includes reading from the CFR 19 and HTS, syllabus publications, power point presentations, reading material, and previous actual examination questions grouped by study topic.  Segment quizzes cover your accumulated topical knowledge. 
  • After finishing the segment quizzes, email to the course instructor.  The segment quiz is graded – including explanation of why wrong answers were incorrect.  Accompanying the results of the segment quiz, homework specifics for the next segment are assigned by the instructor.
  • When segment 3 and 6 quiz answers are sent to the instructor, the student schedules an on line meeting with the instructor (1 hour in duration) to go over any answers to quiz questions that still need clarification or request a review of a specific topic where more training is desired.  This is your opportunity to “pick the brain” of  a Licensed Customs Broker with your specific questions.



What to order for the course?   You will need your own copy for at-home study and the examination. We recommend that you order from the US Government Printing Office -


Title 19, Code of Federal Regulations  (Customs Regulations – most updated version), Parts 0 -199 (2 parts - 0-140: Cfr Title 19 Pt 0-140 ; Code Of Federal Regulations(2021) | U.S. Government Bookstore (, parts 141-199: Cfr Title 19 Pt 141-199 ; Code Of Federal Regulations(2021) | U.S. Government Bookstore ( CFR 19 Free on line

Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (current year: Harmonized Tariff Schedules Of The Annotated For Statistical Reportingpurposed 33rd Edition 2021 | U.S. Government Bookstore ( )  Current HTS - Free on line


Note:  Classification questions drilled in this course will be based on the current tariff schedule.  As many questions come from previous years' examinations, answers involving the tariff should be updated to reflect the current tariff.


Lead Instructor:  David Bennett, H.C. Bennett Company, tel. 443-695-9727 or e-mail:  If unavailable when you call, please leave a message on voice mail. Messages will be returned within 24 hours.  CB License # 6631, issued 11.21.80.


Disclaimer: It is possible that some of the "official" answers to the previous test questions may have logical alternative answers due to changes in Customs procedures or through differing interpretations of the intent of the question given at the time it was tested.  The drilling of previous test questions is intended to be a teaching exercise to understand the regulations and tariff better.   Knowing the "answers" by rote is not the objective of the drill.


Technology:  This course makes use of current available technology.  The student is expected to have access to the Internet and MS Office (or compatible) software.  Adobe Acrobat (or compatible) is also required to open PDF files. 



Syllabus:  The Syllabus shown below is most likely subject to change.  The objective is to tailor the course to the students, not the other way around.  All topics shown below will be covered, but not necessarily in the order or priority shown. Flexibility is the key to successful study.

Segment 1          Introduction / course overview and objectives


Importer overview -- Classification, Valuation, Binding Rulings, Regulations, Refund Requests, Duty Favored, IPR, C/O Marking, Customs Procedures, & Entry Types

Customs Bonds - their importance

Import Procedural Requirements – Entry types, Protests, Import Requirements, etc.

Commercial Invoice Requirements of Customs


Segment 2          Classification - in depth

Classification Guidance

Nuts & Bolts of Classification


General Head-notes of the Harmonized Tariff

                                Classification Drills


Segment  3            Valuation - in depth

Duty Refunds - Protests / 520c

FTZ / Warehouse

Special Program Indicators (Trade Programs)

Trade Acts

Duty Favored provisions

Segment 4             Marking



                                Nuts & Bolts 1


Segment 5             Broker Compliance



                                Nuts & Bolts 2



Segment 6             Fines, Penalties, Forfeitures & Liquidated Damages

                                Mod Act Provisions

                                Import scenario case study

                                Assessment Examination

                                Anatomy of a test question

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