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Individualized Training in tutor-type environment.  Reading materials all provided via a one-year subscription to the International Operations Manual (IOM) on the HCB Cloud.  At time of registration, homework assignment and activation of IOM.  Individualized on line sessions to review homework assignment coupled with instruction. On-Demand and On-Line Training energized by Adobe Connect. Select ONE TIME for your one-on-one tutoring sessions. Up to 3 employees per company can be registered simultaneously as one registrant.

Same time for each enrolled session - Select only one time Days Offered # Sessions Start Date Cost 10:30 11:30 3:00 4:00
Customs Law Tues - Thurs 11 11/1/18 $825.00    
Customs Broker Office Management Tues - Thurs 4 2/5/19 $300.00    
Importer Office Management Tues - Thurs 4 1/22/19 $300.00    
Customs Broker License Prep Tues - Thurs 6 2/26/19 $450.00    
Professional Freight Forwarding As Arranged     Hourly per company        
Clearance Tutoring As Arranged     Hourly per company        
Supply Chain Charger Tues 5 9/24/19


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HOURLY rate: Monthly sliding rate - $75.00 / hour for first 16 hours, reduced to $37.50 / each hour thereafter

International Operations Manual on HCB Cloud subscription - FREE with any H.C. Bennett Company paid training

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