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One Transaction Concept - organized export yields a smooth import

International Operations Training for ...

  •  Exporters - Suppliers

  •  Importers - Buyers

  •  International Service Providers


The Efficient Global Supply Chain

Supply Chain Documentation                                                      

Transportation Components of International Supply Chain              



Purchasing and Sourcing Strategies                                            
Warehouse & Freight Forwarding Procedures & Guidelines              
Supplier Relationship Management                                                
Best Practices Benchmarking                                                       

For importers or exporters, making the international supply chain more efficient is the goal. 

  •  Reduced claims from handling damage, short-shipment, improper packing

  •   Documentation accuracy contract of carriage, packing list, and commercial invoice correlate to what is    actually shipped and entered for clearance purposes

  •   Scrutiny of the quality and reputation of the transportation and handling vendors used along the supply chain.

  •   PO Management monitor the progress of the shipment from supplier to port of loading to unloading / entry port to delivery to warehouse receiving procedures.

  •  Reduction in Customs' examinations

  •  Importers accomplish the objectives of C-TPAT validation as a by-product

  •  Pre-clearance information the foreign customer needs to clear their Customs

Additional Learning Modules of this course ...

HTSUS & Schedule B Classification guidance
INCOTERMS responsibility for buyer or seller
Automation processes that are available
Means to reduce, defer, or eliminate duties
Regulatory compliance highlights (valuation, special trade programs, 9801/02 claims, etc.
Supplier & Importer checkists
Ops considerations of a Pro Forma invoice

Included with this course - International Operations Manual on HCB Cloud subscription (comprehensive resource center for import / export ops)

$75.00 / hour ... $50.00 / hour for "incentive" pricing (minimum 16 hours / month)

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