Foreign Principal Party of Interest (FPPI) Agent Services include --

  The smart way to purchase from multiple US supplier locations   Leave the export detail organization to us


  • Destination Import requirements

  • Compliance Matters
Valuation - what is dutiable, what is not at destination US SED reporting
Classification of goods before they're shipped Recordkeeping
What needs to be on the invoice Reference and publication library - furnished
Means to reduce your buyer's Customs examinations Consultant network
Superior documentation from the buyer's perspective "KYC" - Know your customer
Special product requirements When are licenses required or applicable?
Destination country participating agency requirements  


  • Mechanics
  • INCOTERMS responsibility of the seller & buyer

Operations Software Formats - furnished Transportation costs, service requirements
Shipment communications Risk management
Reports to help you monitor the export transaction Packing and crating, proper marking requirements
What you should expect of your freight forwarder? Consolidation and warehousing
Full documentation services for export - including client "shared" input

Physical receiving and international consolidation services - air and ocean


Supplier Guidlines

FPPI Presentation

Opportunities using a US FPPI Agent

Training ...Individualized for International Trade Ops

Operation Tools  ... for Import/Export Ops

Trade Manager... IOR/ Export Management

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