Customs Law & Import Procedures Certificates

These courses provide the formal education for a professional career in the Customs brokerage & import industry.  A logical learning progression,
spanning 6 months of instruction, provides a solid foundation to obtain a Customs License AND progress in a Customs broker office.
Taken selectively by focus area of interest, the courses provide formal learning for the Customs brokerage employee or  
importer interested in raising their level of industry knowledge and compliance.  Certificates awarded are instrumental for the personal
growth and promotion potential of employees of Customs brokerage or import / export firms.        
Customs Broker Office Management              
  In depth guidelines for the management of a Customs brokerage office.  Appropriate for managers or employees of the Customs
  brokerage industry.  This course provides practical and hands on information for the management of efficient processes for a
  Customs clearance operation.  Topics compliment study for the Customs License Examination and/or raise the level of 
  professionalism for advancement in the industry.             
  Offering Dates - On-Line              
  4 x 45 minute sessions Sessions at 3:00 & 4:00          
  Tues - Thurs            
  Cost: $300.00   Individualized Registration          
  Topical Outline                
  Customs Notices & Interacting with Customs    Traffic management       
  Record-keeping procedures      Cargo examination procedures     
  Import Entry of merchandise guidelines & process    Software input & electronic CBP correspondence 
  Import link to export        Automation in the CB industry     
  Remote location filing - National License    Office procedures       
  Other government agencies      Office standards       
  CATAIR          Financial aspects of running a CB office  
  Broker compliance & penalty liability    Resources available to a CB office   
  Landed cost calculation      ABI Certification, licenses & permits   
  Commonly used documents - block by block explanation    Handling of different entry type scenarios  
Customs Law                   
  The core course for Customs license preparation and/or professional development for Customs brokers and importers.  Covers all the focus topics
  commonly tested by Customs & Border Protection for the Customs License Exam.  This course provides an explanation of the laws and 
  regulations covered in CFR 19 and the HTSUS.  Instruction time parallels the historic emphasis areas - classification and valuation, while highlighting
  all pertinent Customs Law matters such as origin determination, duty preference programs, post entry, fines & penalties, drawback, ADD/CVD, etc.
  Offering Dates - on-line             
  2 sessions offfered - Tuesday and Thursday - each 11 x 45 minute sessions - 10:30 AM & 3:00 PM  
  Cost: $825.00 + student responsible for procuring CFR 19 and current HTSUS        
      Individualized Registration          
  Topical Outline                
  Structure of CF19 and HTSUS              
  Tariff Classification of Imported Merchandise            
  Valuation of Imported Merchandise            
  Country of origin marking requirements            
  Country of origin determination              
  Special tariff provision, trade acts, special product provisions          
  Duty preference programs - trade acts, FTZ, Bonded Whse, Chp 10          
  Customs Bonds & liquidated damages            
  Post entry - protest, prior disclosure, reconciliation            
  Intellectual Property Rights              
  Antidumping / Countervailing Duties            
  Customs enforcement actions - penalties, detentions, seizures          
  Nuts & Bolts - release process, quota, misc entry types, general order, user fees, carnets, duty relief    
Import Office Management                
        Import Office Management Overview video

Import Office Management Background Information
  This course is ideal for the employee of an import / export business.  The learning objectives are in part taught through shipment scenarios
  and management "wizards."  The student will understand importer compliance responsibilities through the course "wizard" tools and resources.
  Course objectives also include getting the most from your Customs broker and how to manage an import operation vis--vis clearance activities.
  Offering Dates       Sessions offered at 3:00 PM & 4:00 PM    
  4 x 45 minute on-line sessions - Tues - Thurs          
  Cost: $300.00                
        Individualized Training            
  Topical Outline                
    One Transaction Concept       Compliance             
Preshipment Planning Reasonable Care
      Purchase Order Wizard   Recordkeeping      
    Supplier Relationship Management Binding Rulings Program    
          Compliance Measurement    
Customs Law Highlights        Prior Disclosure  
  Appraisment by CBP   CAT Teams  
    HTS Classification   Audits & Reviews      
        Drawback   C-TPAT      
        Duty Deferral  Import Traffic Management            
        Fines Penalties Forfeitures   INCOTERMS      
        Liquidated Damages    International Shipping      
        Trade Agreements   Marine Insurance    
            Container Specifications    
Customs Clearance    Quote Guidance    
        Preparation 7501   Warehouse Functions & Guidelines      
        ACE Entry Summary          
        Broker functions  Import Wizard           
        Entry Process   HCB's Importer of Record Management Tool      
        Import Documentation    Import Wizard Demos      
        Importer Security Filing            
          Late Payment of Duty   Import Operations Manual          
Refunds and Protests Import Manual Components
                Import Manual Demos      
Customs Broker License Preparation              
Recommended certificates - Custom Broker Office Management & Customs Law          
  Description       Sessions offered at 11:30 AM & 4:00 PM    
  With the learning foundation of the Customs Broker Office Management and Customs Law courses, the student is given a 
  "refresher" just prior to the spring offering of the Customs License examination.  This reviews the focused areas likely to be 
  tested and provides practical preparation for taking the examination.  Extensive drills of previously-tested material is  
  provided by Customs Law topical area.            
  Offering Dates                
  6 x 45 minute on-line sessions - Tues - Thurs - Just prior to the April Customs License Examination  
  Cost: $450.00              
        Individualized Registration          
  Topical Outline                
  Anatomy of a test question              
  Practical exercises - where to find it?            
  Classification drills                
  Actual past question homework by underlying theme            
  Focus your study on areas likely to be tested            
  Exam Room strategy                

Course Features ...

  • Course instructor industry practicing  Licensed Customs Broker for 30+ years, offering course for 15+ years.  These courses are from the perspective of a Customs brokerage operation. It is fully conversant with the underlying Customs laws, regulations, AND practical procedures of what occurs in the industry.


  •  On-Line course sessions, using Microsoft Live Meeting . Interactive, facsimile of being in a classroom, but from the comfort of your home or office! 


         Subscription Furnished with each course of this training...The International Operations Manual on HCB Cloud

  • Policies and procedures to run a Customs brokerage office

  • "How to" not found in the regulations

  • Customs compliance review - suitable for your client's use

  • Clearance tutoring guidelines - practical tutoring to work in a Customs brokerage operation

  • Import trade references - deep and specialized Internet links, periodicals & books available to refine your professionalism

  • Operation formats useful in a Customs brokerage operation


Enrollees are required to provide the most recent CFR 19 (Customs Regulations) and current HTSUS.  Recommended that enrollees also purchase Howdy Duty.  Some publications are FREE on the Internet (See Preparatory Syllabus). All other materials will be provided in CD or hard copy format.

Computer requirements - Microsoft Office to accommodate Excel and Word files, Adobe Acrobat to open PDF files.  Email attachment send and receive capability. 



Training ...Individualized for International Trade Ops

Operation Tools  ... for Import/Export Ops

Trade Manager... IOR/ Export Management

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